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Best USA Jobs

Empresa: Best USA Jobs
Sectores: Informática
"Best USA Jobs is currently recruiting for its client Global Consulting Group (GCG). GCG started in 1994 as a software development company employing both foreign and domestic software developers, and continues to develop first class software both on-site and at client sites. Global hires information technology (IT) professionals for great career opportunities delivering software services for top companies in the United States such as American Express, Bank One, Delco Electronics, Eastman Kodak, Fannie Mae, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, IBM, Intel, JP Morgan, Microsoft, Motorola, Polaroid, Samsung, Siemens, Sony, Verizon and many others."
Dirección: 14 Atlantic Place South Portland, ME 04106
Ciudad: Estados Unidos
Provincia: Extranjero
Forma Jurídica: Sociedad Anónima
Tipo de Empresa: Agencía de Selección
Último Acceso: 02 Febrero 2009

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